Sunday 3rd December – WOD & Barbell

2nd December 2017

Lea’s ready!




In Pairs in 9 Mins Complete:

4-Min. AMRAP of:
P1) 8-/5-cal. Row
P2) Med-Ball Cleans

Rest 1 Min. (Transition Time)

4-Min. AMRAP of:
P1) 5 MB Front Squats + 5 Wall Balls
P2) DB Slams

*Switch when P1 has completed their Movement
*Warm up



10 Rounds for Time of:

15/10 Kcal Row/Ski/Ab
10 Squat Cleans @ 42.5/30 C=50/35
10 DB Slams @ 22.5/15

*Aim for unbroken movements
*30 Min Cap

Additional Work



Snatch + OHS
Increase weight by smidgen on minute 6
Front squat + Split jerk
(2+1) x 7 reps
Snatch Grip Deadlift
3 x 5 reps
For this use your best snatch weight i.e best full snatch = 55kg, use this for the sets of 5 reps.
If not known, use a weight that challenges posture/position but no funky looking reps
Successory work;
12 Single arm DB jerk (thats 6L +6R)
*go heavy
6 Supine Ring Row
8 Bulgarian Split squat BW (Each Leg)
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