Sunday 5th February – WOD & Barbell

4th February 2017



10 Minutes
Musical Movements

4 Rounds
20 sec Hollow
10 sec Superman
20 sec Deadbug


Additional Work




1. Snatch Pull + Snatch
1.1 In 20 mins Find your daily max in snatch pull + snatch. You are allowed to use straps but you are not allowed to drop the bar to the ground between the two reps. Reset in the starting position after the pull and then do the snatch. All snatches have to be done with a three second pause in the bottom position.
1.2 In 25 mins Drop down to 70% and do one snatch every thirty seconds for fifty rounds.

*If you take a step forward or back as you stand up from the bottom position the lift is a no-rep and does not count. Don’t try again immediately. Wait for the next round before you go again. The workout is over when you have done your fifty quality reps.




Partner Cindy

2o Minute AMRAP

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

*Alternate rounds with Partner






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