Sunday 8th January 2017 – WOD & Barbell

7th January 2017



As a group: 400m run
dynamic warm up

4 lengths up and over the fence + 6 rumping jaks
4 lengths karoke + 6 burpees
4 lengths side shuffle + 12 standing toy soldiers

stretch calves and hips



Additional Work




1a. TnG Power Snatch
1b. Below the Knee Snatch
1c. Hang Snatch

Minute 1: Do two power snatches as TnG.
Minute 3: Do two below the knee snatches.
Minute 5: Do two hang snatches.

Do one set every other minute. Increase the weight after the hang snatch double and slowly build to a daily max in all three exercises. It is unlikely that you’ll hit exactly the same weight so when you reach your daily max in one of the three exercises you leave it at that and continue with the ones left. Keep increasing the weight until you have found your max in all three lifts.
We have done a similar session in the previous blok but back then it was singles only. Taking the bar down between the reps changes the workout entirely and you’ll have to take it down after the first rep. Dropping is only allowed after the last rep in a set.
You are allowed to use straps but make sure that you work on catching the bar as you take it down with the legs bent and the upper body somewhat vertical.
Get inspired by the hang snatch master:

*Start off extremly light and only increase if technique is good. Small increases with each lift.






E4MO4M for 20 mins:

  • 400m run
  • 100m kettbell run @ 24/20
  • rest in remaining time






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