Thursday 12th January 2017 – WOD & Barbell

11th January 2017

Richard is also celebrating his 6 months anniversary with CFN


Coaches warm up game

In pairs 2 rounds of tabata of:

  • Syncro Burpees
  • Syncro lunge*switch movement every 20 secsBuild to WOD weight



Additional Work




1. Front Squat
1.1 In 20 Find your daily max in front squat singles.
1.2 In 10 mins Drop down in weight and do three sets of five reps. Use the heaviest weight possible and do one set every third minute.

2. Deadlifts
In 20 mins Complete the Deadlift Cycle:

Information on the Deadlift Cycle:
1. You deadlift once per week.
2. Straps and/or belt are not allowed.
3. You can’t be barefoot as shoes are required in competition and therefore you need to be used to that.
4. Use your strongest mix-grip for all sets.
5. Start the cycle at about 50% of your 1RM.
6. Perform one set of twenty reps and three sets of ten reps.
7. Complete a set every fifth minute or faster.


In 15 mins complete:

  • 5 mins of deadlifts @ 140/100
  • 4 mins of muscle ups/c2b/pull ups
  • 3 mins of deadlifts @ 140/100
  • 2 mins of handstand push ups/box/push ups
  • 1 min of deadlifts @ 140/100*score=total reps
    *Heavy triple weight on the deadlift








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