Thursday 15th February – WOD, Barbell & FHT

14th February 2018

These ladies finishing in 3rd place at Wild West Winter Slam


5 Min
Double Under practice/ Triple under/ Drills

Running Line Drills


EMOM for 19 Mins:

Min 1-50 Double Unders
Min 2-18/15 Kcal Row/Ski/AB
Min 3-200m Run
Min 4-Rest

*Scale reps/cals/run as needed to achieve 45 seconds worth of work
*Score= reps/cals/distance


Power Development Phase – Wk3

Warm – 8Mins (4 mins general/4 mins snatch focus movement)

EMOM10 – Snatch Bear Complex

In 16 Mins build to daily max;
Hang Clean + Split Jerk (2+1)
(hang is above the knee)
(look to make 8 attempts and no, don’t include your warm up reps..)

Barbell WOD
Alternate 1 Sqt Snatch / 1 C+J for 30 reps total
Note – Record time to complete, no rep for losing balance/power snatch or clean/stepping forward in the recovery..anything less than great technique)


A1) Front Squat x 8/10
A2) Tempo goblet squats x10 reps

B1) Romanian Deadlifts x7
B2) Banded hamstring developer

C1) Reverse lunge into step up 5/leg
C2) Jumping lunges off block failure

D1) Single leg step downs 5/leg
D2) Medicine ball kicks x10


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