Thursday 17th November 2016 – WOD & Barbell

16th November 2016






20 leg swings on each leg
20 leg swings side to side each leg
10 lying glute raise with reach
10 sit up to pike
10 sit up to pancake
10 pole squats

Review push ups and air squat






Additional Work





In 40 mins complete as much as possible of:

2. Hang Snatch
2.1 Find your daily max in singles.
2.2 Drop down to 75% and do five additional sets of doubles on the minute. You can only drop the bar after the last rep.

When you get to the doubles taking the bar with as little effort as possible becomes important. There is just as much technique in taking the bar down as in lifting it up.

3. Below the knee snatches
3.1 Drop down to 60% and do one rep on the minute for ten rounds. Focus on find the chest from the top position and keeping the upper body upright as you lower the bar into the starting position.



Fitness Testing:


In 5 mins complete 2 sets of max push ups

Rest 3 mins between sets

In 20 mins:
1 RM Back Squat




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