Thursday 19th October – WOD, Barbell & FHT

18th October 2017


In 30 Mins Complete:
Deadlift 1-5-10-15
*Build to a heavy single for the day and then as the weights increase taper the weight down.
*15 mins to build to a heavy single then aim to hit a set every 3 mins
*1-Heavy single 5-80-85% 10-65-70% 15-55-65%


For time: 21-15-9
Power Clean & Jerks @ 42.5/30
*Goal is to go fast and unbroken as much as poss.
*Goal is to finish under 6 mins


a) Complex; Hang snatch/snatch balance/OHS x 6 reps
b) Behind the Neck Split Jerks 6 x 2 reps
(ensure your grip is not extra wide, keep it your normal jerk width)
c) 3 Position Clean & Split Jerk x 6 reps
(i.e. from floor, hang then high hang/pockets +jerk after each clean)
Successory work;
In your own time for quality (bar only)
20 x Front Squat/Strict Press/Sotts Press

(if you cannot Sotts press from the front then use BTN variant. If this is too much use a band – see barbell club video on FB)


 Warm up – 7 mins
A1- One Arm Jammer Press 3 x 10 ( 2-0-x-0 ) No rest
A2- Choice of Pull Up     10 sec rest between  *must be a 3 sec eccentric 
B1- One Arm Glute Bridge Press 3 x 6/8 ( 2-0-1-0 )
B2- Pendlay Row – 3 x 3/5 (  0-x-0-0 )
C1- Med Ball Hanging Leg Raise 3 x 6/8 reps No rest
C2- 30 sec Vacuum
Partner Platoon / 21’s
*Choose a weight you can do for 3 rounds
*bar cannot touch the floor
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