Thursday 1st November – WOD, Barbell & FHT

31st October 2018


Complete 30 reps of

1 Power Clean @ 80/55kg – 90/67.5kg


6 Deadlifts

*30min Time Cap


In 20 mins est a max

6 RM front squat & jerk

Using the racks for this one

EMOM for 12 mins
Two clean and jerks @ previous load – 10%

3 rounds of clean pause game @ body weight
1 / 2 min rest after each round


A1) 5 reps kB front squat @50X0
B1) banded lying leg curls
B2) Sorensen hold 30s

C1) cycle squats 20X0
C2) hip thrusts x10

D1) barbell walking lunge x10
D2) kB banded rack walks

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