Thursday 23rd March 2017 – WOD & Barbell

22nd March 2017



To be completed prior to the class.

10 push ups
10 dislocates
8 push ups plus T – rotation
10 PVC around the body
6 Inchworks
10 dislocates
4 narrow grip push ups
10 PVC around the body
2 strict yoga push ups


E3mo3m for 21 mins complete the complex of:

1 strict press
2 push press
3 push jerk

*7 rounds
*build the weight through the sets
*score=max weight complex is completed at



Additional Work




A. Clean Primer

B. Power clean triple
C. Snatch complex (PS,BTN PP,OHS,S bal) 5 x 3
D. Back Squat 3×5

Power Clean (Triple) build to a heavy 3 across 5-6 sets. Back Squat 5 x increase from last week)

E. Accessory Work
a. AMRAP8 looking for 6ish rounds
10 reverse hypers
10 hanging leg raises


Death by strict pull ups

Emom 1 Strict pull up +1

*Increase by 1 pull up every minute until failure

*10 min cap


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