Thursday 23rd November – WOD, Barbell & FHT

22nd November 2017


Throwback to the 2015 Christmas Throwdown

3 Rounds of:
10 Push Ups
200m Row/Ski/Run
30 Sec Chest Stretch each side


In 10 Mins:
Build to a Heavy Single Floor Press


3 Rounds of:
2 Min MAX Floor Press @ 75% 1rm C=80%
1 Min REST
2 Min MAX Kcal Row/Ski/AB/Shuttle Runs
1 Min Rest
*18 Min Cap
*Try to hit a biggish set to start on the floor press followed by small sets following that. Sets of 5s?
*Hit the first 2 rounds of Kcals @ around 85% effort and last round all out
*WOD Goals= 60-75 Floor Press and 60-75 Kcals


Complex; Hang Snatch, Snatch Balance, OHS
6 x 1

Behind the Neck Split Jerks
6 x 2 reps
Keep it your normal jerk width
3 Position Clean & Split Jerk
6 Reps
Floor, Hang, High Hang + Jerk after each Clean
Successory work;
In your own time for quality (bar only)
20 x Front Squat, Strict press Sotts press


Warm up
KB complex

A)DB flies 12-15 reps x3

B)Split squat 10 reps on last rep hold for 30s at mid pos. 10 reps x3

C)Pull-over 12-20 reps x 3

D) DB RDL 12-15 reps x 3

The Grind
7 Mins in Pairs
P1 2 Lengths KB Front Rack Hold
P2 Pull up/Ring Row hold
150 Jumping Lunges break how you like


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