Thursday 24th November 2016 – WOD & Barbell

23rd November 2016






In pairs 8 min AMRAP: with a wall ball

  • 10 wb chest passes
  • 10 push up + high five
  • 10 wb pass in a squat
  • 10 push up + high five
  • 10 sit up wb pass
  • 10 back to back twisting wall ball pass






Additional Work
15 mins after class:

4 rounds for time:
15 cal AB
10 hang power cleans @75/52.5
15 ring dips
10 hang power cleans @75/52.5

*15 min cap, try to keep hang power cleans unbroken for as long as possible




In 10 mins COACH LEAD oh squat warm up

In 40 mins complete

2. OHS from floor
Find your daily max in overhead squat from the floor. You can utilize whatever style of setup that you like. The goal is to be so good at the setup that the overhead squat becomes the limiting factor.

3. 10-1 in Front Squat + Overhead Squats

3.1 Drop down to 80% and do ten front squats + ten overhead squats, nine front squats + nine overhead squats, etc. You can break up the sets as you like.



E5MO5M in pairs complete:

Max set bent over row
max set Floor press

*rx=60% of 5rm RX+=70%
*P1 Completes row then P2 completes row then move onto the floor press, change weights if needed
score = 5rm/max reps of all sets




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