Thursday 25th May – WOD & Barbell

24th May 2017


Camille is sitting in 2nd place, South Regionals



2-3 rounds of:
10 kb swings
10 kettle bell bent over row
10 plank down and ups
10-20 sec handstand hold against the wall


In 25 mins complete:

7×3 push press
*use heaviest weight you can for each set
*warm up to weight and then aim to hit a set every 2-3 mins



A). Snatch Complex
Snatch, Snatch Balance, OHS
Build to heavy then hold across 6 sets

B). 1/4 Split Jerks
5 x 3

C). OH Squat
5 x 3

Increase by 5kg or no more that 10% from last week.

D). Accessory Work
with empty bar accumulate 6 minutes in the bottom of an OHS, each break equals 15 hanging leg raises.



12 min incremental ladder of:

1 strict pull up +1
1 strict HSPU/ kipping +1

*Increase by 1 rep each round

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