Thursday 25th October- WOD, Barbell & FHT

24th October 2018


In 12 mins est a max single set of:

T&G Clean & jerks @ 60 / 40

Every 3 mins complete the following pick up round

8 -10 KB swings @ 24 / 20kg
8 – 10 Toes to bar
8 -10 Box Jumps


In 17 mins est a max

Pause cluster

Cluster -thruster. @ 70% of 1RM Cluster for max reps

min 1 complete max clusters thrusters
Rest 1 min
In 2 mins complete max cluster thrsuters
1 mins rest
In 3 mins complete max cluster thrsuters
1 min rest
In 4 mins complete max CLUSTERS ONLY


A1) Preacher curls x12
A2) Tricep banded ext x12

B1) Kneeling 2 band curls x12
B2) OH Tricep ext x12

C1) PVC pipe banded oh rotation x10
C2) Javelin press x6/side

D1) Strict dB press x8/6/4/2
D2) Lean away lateral raise x10/side

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