Thursday 26th January 2017 – WOD & Barbell

25th January 2017



To be performed before the class

100 m run
10 zombie kicks and 10 push ups
100m run
10 caterpillar walk outs
100m run
10 up down planks



In 8 mins complete

2 min Handstand walk/shoulder taps
2 min handstand hold
2 min ring push ups
2 min plank hold


Additional Work




1. Overhead Squat Complex
Performed with an empty barbell; one set of five reps in the three different versions. These are: (1) down slow, up fast, without pause in the bottom position; (2) down slow, up fast but with a three second pause in the top- and bottom position; (3) 1,5’s. No pause in the bottom position but a pause in the top between reps.

2. Conventional Snatch Warm-Up
One set of three reps in A, B, C, D, E. Be sure to use a large plate, and not the small metal plates, to get the right distance from the floor. Three seconds pause in the starting position of all lifts and in the overhead position of the muscle snatches and the catch position in C, D and in the bottom position of the full snatch.
A. Snatch Pulls.
B. Muscle Snatch.
C. Power Snatch.
D. Deep Power Snatch.
E. Snatch.
Instructional video here:

3. In 20 mins complete: Hang Isabelle + Snatch Anyhow
Use a running clock. From 0:00-05:00 do Hang Isabel, which is thirty hang snatches anyhow at 60kg for men and 45kg for women. If you know that you will be unable to complete all thirty reps within the five minute window you should scale the weight down. You can break it up as you like.
From 05:00-15:00 find your daily max in snatch anyhow from the floor.

4. In 15 mins complete Eccentric Snatch Pulls
4.1 Drop down to 50% of the heaviest snatch of the day and do five reps of eccentric snatch pulls. Do five reps at 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100% of the heaviest snatch of the day. It’s important that you use straps so the grip doesn’t become a limiting factor.
Watch this video for inspiration and note that it’s not standard touch and go reps. It’s a regular snatch pull on the way up but you then have to lower the bar with great control and positional awareness. When the plates touch the floor you pause for a few seconds without changing the position and then do the next rep.



In 30 mins complete:

Front squat with 1 sec pause at the bottom
*Build to a heavy single across the sets

Clean and jerk
*build to a heavy double across the 5 sets
*Do not touch and go

*15 min cap on each








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