Thursday 27th October 2016 – WOD & Barbell

26th October 2016


CFN Masters at the Coalition Games




In 20 mins work through:

  • 3 x max sets strict muscle ups/ kipping or
    3 x max strict pull ups or
    3 x max strict negativesthen
  • 3 x max deficit push ups feet on box or
    3 x max push ups or
    3 x max deficit push ups hand on box*alternate with a parnter, take your time and your rest 2-3 min rest in between sets



Additional Work





1. Clean + power jerk + split jerk complex
1.1 Find your daily max in the complex.
1.2 Do five additional sets at 90% but with two cleans. You are not allowed to drop the bar but have to take it down and reset in the starting position.

1.3 Do twenty clusters at 70% of the heaviest weight you managed in the complex.


5 rounds of:

20 sec lateral jumps over the bar

20 sec hang power snatch @30/20 RX+42.5/30

20 sec rest


in 10mins complete

40 strict HSPU/kipping/box

*everytime you break 40DUs/80SUs


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