Thursday 3rd November 2016 – WOD & Barbell

2nd November 2016





In pairs complete:

  • 8 min of:
    shoulder trigger point workthen
  • 8 min amrap of:
    20 two footed plate jump @ 20/15
    20 single footed plate jumps (10 each leg)
    20 lateral side steps
    20 lateral two footed jumps
    20 two footed jumps in a circle around the plate
    *you go I go



Additional Work





1. TnG Snatch
1.1 Daily max in triples.
1.2 Daily max in doubles.
1.3 Ten additional singles at the weight of the heaviest double with a 3 sec pause in the bottom position. If it feels good you can go for a daily max in singles but keep the pause in the bottom if you do.


For time complete:

2 mins max hollow rocks

3 rounds of
15 down and ups
10 box over jumps @ 24/20 (Jump right over the box)

2 min max TTB/Abmat sit ups

score= time/hollow rocks and ttb reps

*15 min cap



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