Thursday 6th September – WOD, FHT & Barbell

5th September 2018


Handstand Coaching

14 Min AMRAP of:

3 Deadlifts @ 90 / 120 – 110 / 150kg
9 Ring push ups / push ups
15 Single arm DB STOH (5s each arm) @ 22.5 / 15kg or KBs


16 mins
Hip contact drill, to ensure bar contacts the hip crease and not forward of the hip or the thighs
3 hang snatch pull + 1 hang power snatch
Build the load as heavy as you can AS LONG AS hip connection is made every rep
Cue – stay over the bar, bum back & head through

In 8 mins establish a max hang power snatch

Every 5 secs on the 5 secs for 50 secs – 1 OHS
Max load here, as a group, coach calls time


A1) 30s Dual KB rack hold
A2) 30s Dual OH KB hold
B1) Strict press x 3
B2) HSPU’s x 6
C1) Split squat rear foot elevated x 5/leg
C2) Single leg hip ext x 5/leg
D) Grind


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