Thursday 7th December – WOD, Barbell & FHT

6th December 2017

Tomorrow is the Throwdown!

3 Rounds of
100m Run
5 KB Deadlifts @16/12
5 KB Swings
5 Goblet Squats
5 KB Press each side

In Pairs for Quality:
50 Strict HSPU
50 Strict Ring dips
50 Pull ups
*25 Reps each on each movement
*1 Work/1 Rest
*14 Min Cap
*Complete movements in as few sets as possible



For time complete:

50 Wall-ball  C=60
40 Push Ups C=50
30 DB/KB Front Squats @ 2×22.5/15 2×24/16 kb C=40
20 Ring Dips C=30
10 DB Thrusters @ 2×22.5/15 2×24/16 KB C=20
5 Wall Climbs C=10

*15 Min Cap
*Scale wall ball and thruster weight to allow you to complete the movements in 2 sets

Warm up Tabata
Alt Press ups and Ring Rows

A1) Tricep dips 8-10 reps
A2) Bulgarian split squat 8-10.

B1) Behind kneck press 8-10 reps
B2) Kb Cossack squat 6/leg

C1)Standing BB bicep curl 8-10 reps
C2) Staggered stance DLs 8-10 reps

21s Platton Dbs
Feel the Pump!


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