Thursday 8th March – WOD, Barbell & FHT

7th March 2018


For Time Complete:

20 Shuttle Runs
20 OH Plate Lunge @ 20/15
20 Shuttle Runs
30 Plate Good Mornings
20 Shuttle Runs
40 Lateral Plate Jumps

*15 Min Cap
*Aim to keep a consistent pace throughout the workout 75-80%



Warm up – 4 Min general + 4Mins Snatch Movements

EMOM 18min – 1 Squat Snatch
Weight must increase EVERY SINGLE MIN!
If you miss, drop to previous weight and hit a double, if you miss the double, drop and hit a single..if successful then back up to a double.. and so on..

In 14 Mins build to a daily max;
Power Clean DIRECTLY into a Push Press
(look at receive position in the power clean to be able to drive out)

DT with a Twist..
Increase load by at least 5 kg each round




A1) Snatch grip deadlifts
A2) Ring hold db row x8

B1) Db bent over row x8/10
B2) Supinated eccentrci pull ups x failure

C1) Plate good morinings x8/10
C2) Db pull overs x 12/15

D1) Bent over row drop set x7
D2) Back extenstions x8/`10

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