Unfit for CrossFit…

15th April 2018

Saying you’re too unfit to do CrossFit is like saying you’re to dirty to wash…

Perhaps you’ve heard of CrossFit but always thought “I’m too old to do that,” or “I’m not fit enough to do that”. Today I want to challenge that idea. Perhaps you’ve never done any sport or exercise before, or maybe it’s been a few years since you have. Either way you want to try something new or you’re bored of the gym and the same classes. Your not feeling overly motivated or driven by your current routine and you want to change.

Evening upon evening spent sitting on the sofa, watching another series on Netflix or scrolling through your phone, looking in the kitchen for your favourite treats to nibble on, but feeling that time for change.

So let’s make that change.
Let’s get you involved in your first class.
We all get nervous & scared. We doubt ourselves when we start something. We are all human.

Take a look at these people. What do they have in common? They all do CrossFit.

Victory Visuals during the 2018 Open at CrossFit Nottingham


What if I told you that you could start tomorrow, you could lift barbells. You could run. You could hold your own body weight. Well you can.

The beauty of CrossFit is that everything is scalable – we can make it work for anyone no matter your ability. There is no escape from the range of individuals that walk through the door of a box. Individuals may have been doing CrossFit for 5 years, or a day. These are your peers, your team mates, moving through the same movements, the same wod. Everyone walks through the door for the same reason, to get fit.

To be fit, now that is a statement and a half. To put it simply, it is a spectrum. From simply moving the body for health and well-being, a weight loss focus, or the other end of the spectrum would be to be the best at our sport. Through the door we may have individual with disabilities or individuals that are working towards Regional, or Games positions, all working in the same environment and for the same reason, to be fit.

We all started somewhere and it is a journey. My CrossFit journey started with a struggle at holding my own bodyweight on a bar, 3 and a half years later I am doing sets of weighted pull ups, deadlifting over twice my bodyweight and I know my journey is not over.

I am doing things I never thought I could.

I am achieving things I never thought I would.

And I am doing it in an environment filled with friends, colleagues and family.



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