Tuesday 13th December 2016 – WOD & Barbell

12th December 2016




Before the class in open gym:

5 min AMRAP OF:

Dynamic warm up of:
10 hamstring stretch
10 zombie kicks
10 inch worms
10 air squats
10 pvc dislocates


In 20 mins complete:

7 x 1 floor press

*warm up and build to a 1 rep max across the 7 sets



Additional Work

20 mins before class:

every 30s for 10 mins

2 false grip ring pull ups,
1 strict muscle up/ kipping
2 ring dips

*this is to be done without letting go of the rings
*scale to every minute if needed





Burpee pull ups
Front squat @ 50/35 RX+60/40









In 40 mins get through as much as possible of:

10-1 in Snatch and Power Jerk
*Ten snatches, ten power jerks from rack, nine snatches, nine power jerks, etc, etc.
*All sets of both exercises have to be done unbroken but it does not have to be TnG. This means that you can’t let go of the grip of the barbell in the snatch once you have started the set or drop or rack the bar in the power jerks. If you fail a lift the entire set is no-repped. If you are unable to complete a set you can lower the weight but you will be branded as a pussy forevermore!
*Julie A bildgaard completed the workout with 60kg/75kg so if there are any strong girls out there reading you can try to match that. There is no RX weight. You need to pick a weight that will be challenging but that you believe allows you to complete the workout.



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