Tuesday 16th January – WOD, Barbell & FHT

15th January 2018


Interesting discussion about The Open!



In 10 Mins:
Snatch Tekkers

OH Squat
Squat and OH Press
Snatch Balance
Pull Under
Hang Snatch
Full Snatch


EMOM for 20 Mins

1 Squat Snatch @ 60/40 C=80/50
1 Hang Squat Snatch
1 O/H Squat

*1 Attempt each minute. Score= successful lifts/ weight
*Scale weight to challenging complex
*If you don’t walk to the bar and feel like you may miss, you haven’t gone heavy enough


Strength phase – Week 2
8-10 Min Warm Up

EMOM10 – 3 Hang Snatch
(above the knee)

In 14 Mins Build to a Heavy Squat Clean+ Split Jerk
In between each attempt complete 5 Russian KB swings”

Barbell WOD
1+ Back squat ladder
(pick a weight and stick to it)
*Aim to increase load on ALL lifts in the session, go by feel


A1) BB Front Squat 8/12 reps
A2) Jumping lunges 16 reps

B1) BB/DB Split Squats 10 reps
B2) Glute Bridge 20 reps

C1) Close grip bench 8/12 reps
C2) Banded pressdowns 12/15 reps

EMOM 12 Mins
10/12 Crunches
10 Supermans


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