Tuesday 17th January 2017 – WOD & Barbell

16th January 2017

The winners!


Before the class, in open gym

In 5 mins complete:

100m row/ski/200m ab
20 air squats TECHNIQUE!
100m row/ski/200m ab
20 Dislocates
100m row/ski/200m ab
20 PVC over head squats

*Practice snatch until class starts




In 20 mins complete:

5×2 Squat Snatch

*Build to a heavy double through the sets. Do not touch and go


Additional Work

30 mins before class:

For time;
squat jumps
Clean and jerks @ 100/70
*these should be power cleans and ideally unbroken but heavy



1.Clean & Jerk (squat clean + split jerk)
1.1 In 20 mins Find your daily max in singles.

2. Deadlift + TnG Cluster + Power Jerk
2.1 In 20 mins Find your daily max in the complex. Don’t drop the bar after the deadlift. The cluster has to be done as touch and go.
2.2 In 10 mins Drop down to 70% and do three sets of triples. First three TnG deadlifts, then three TnG clusters and finally three power jerks.


For time complete: 6 rounds of

  • 10 Front squats @ 50/35 RX+60/40
  • 10 Bar over burpees
  • 10 push press @ 50/35 RX+60/40*18 min cap
    *aim for an unbroken 10 weight








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