Tuesday 20th December 2016 – WOD & Barbell

19th December 2016




Before the class in open gym:

5 rounds of the oly complex with PVC pipe:
Clean Deadlift past knee
Clean Deadlift pockets
Clean Deadlift shrug
Clean Deadlift High Pull
Power cleans
squat cleans
Dip Pause
Push Press + pause
Push Jerk
Split Jerk


In 21 mins in pairs complete:

3x max reps hang power cleans @ 100/70

3x max rep hang power snatch @ 80/55

3 x max rep muscle ups/c2b/pull ups

*pick a scale you can hit at least 10 reps
*you go I go with partner



Additional Work





10 rounds for time of:

100m plate carry @ 10/5 RX+ 15/10
12 Wall ball sit ups @ blk/blu
6 wall ball squat cleans @ blk/blu

*plate in each hand, pinch grip, not in the holes

*20 min cap








In 40 mins get through as much as possible of:

Build to wod weight and complete the following chipper for time:
1. Accumulate two minutes of deadlift hold 150/110kg.
2. Accumulate two minutes of overhead hold at 100/70kg.
3. Do ten split jerks at 100/70kg.
4. Do ten hang cleans at 100/70kg.
5. Do ten power cleans at 100/70kg.

*The deadlift holds will tire out your grip, which you need for the hang cleans. The overhead holds can actually be surprisingly hard and it can be a bit tough for the wrists so make sure that you use wrist wraps and break it up so you are not too fucked for the split jerks.



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