Tuesday 21st March 2017 – WOD & Barbell

20th March 2017


17.4   DONE!


To be done in open gym before the class:

100m run
10 PVC OH squats
100m run
10 pvc hang power snatch
100m run
10 pvc slow snatch grip deadlifts


In 20 mins

Squat Snatch

*Build weight through sets to a heavy single





Additional Work





Increase weight by 2.5kg or 5% on all lifts

A).  Snatch Primer
B).  Hang Snatch (above the knee)  5×2
C). Clean complex (clean, HPC, jerk)  BTH then hold across 5 sets
D). Front Squat 7 x 2

build to a heavy (no more than 6 sets – increase squat weight from last week)

E). Accessory Work; break up how you wish
a. 35 Strict Pull Ups
b. 35 strict russian twists


5 Rounds for time of:

3 Hang squat snacth @ 90/55 RX+ 100/65
6 OH Squats @ 90/55 RX+ 100/65
9 hspu

*20 min cap
*Hang squat snatch should be heavy unbroken 3, rest, heavy 6 unbroken oh squats



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