Tuesday 22nd November 2016 – WOD & Barbell

21st November 2016





In 10 mins review the box step up and build to WOD weight









Additional Work


PART1 – 30 mins before the class:

5×3 Front Squat
*build to a heavy 3 and hold across the sets lift heavier than on 11/7

5×3 Push Press
*Build to heavy 3 and hold across the sets. Lift heavier than on 11/7

PART 2 – 10 mins after class
Tabata Deadlift @ 140/100
Tabata front squat @ 42.5/30

*score= max reps on each tabata ie 20/22






In 10 mins Coach Lead Warm up of:
1. Snatch
1.1 Do ten overhead squats with an empty bar.
1.2 Do ten snatch singles @ 40/25. Do the first five reps with a three second pause in the bottom position and the last five reps without but make sure that the catch is this tight:

In 40 mins complete as much as possible of *can partner up*:

1.3 Find your daily max in snatch singles.

2. Hang Power Clean Double + Split Jerk

2.1 Find your daily max in the complex. You are not allowed to drop the bar before having done the split jerk.

3. Snatch Pulls

3.1 Start at a light weight and then build up to 110% of your best snatch single from the beginning of the session for three sets of three reps.

3.2 Drop down to 50% and do three sets of ten reps of TnG Snatch Pulls. Make sure that: (1) You are in good balance and you come up and down on your toes; that you (2) pull the bar to the chest or higher with the elbows coming up not back as you do so; and (3) that you stay over the bar in the pull phase and keep the upper body vertical as you finish the pull.


Part 1: in pairs / 3s

E5mo5m for 20 mins complete:
4 barbell back rack weighted step ups @ 20″
*Heavy weight
*alt legs 2 each side

Part 2:
400m single arm farmers carry for time @ 1/4 BW RX+1/2 BW
*8 min cap

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