Tuesday 27th February – WOD, Barbell & FHT

26th February 2018

CrossFit Podcast with Noah Olsen


In 15 Mins Pistol tekkers

8 Min AMRAP of:
15 Sumo Squats
10 Inch Worms
5 Air Squats with 10 sec hold in the bottom
10 Lunges
16 Single Leg Deadlifts @ 20/12 8 each side


5 Rounds for time of:

5 Clapping push ups
10 Pistols
15 Ring Rows

*Make ring rows as horizonal as possible use box if needed
*13 Min Cap


Warm up – 4min general + 4mins snatch movements

In 16 Mins build to daily max of;
Hang Snatch (just below knee cap)

In 16 Mins build to a daily max of;
Hang Sqt Clean + FS + Split jerk

Pick a weight and complete a max set of reps of a barbell movement for 45 secs
Each minute change movement (do not repeat movement)

(e.g. min 1 max deadlifts, min 2 max hang cleans, min 3 max push press)


A1) Isometric press on bench 10s
A2) Bench press x 8/10

B1) Db floor press x 8
B2) Inclose press ups failure

C1) Db flies x 12
C2) around the world x10

D1) Ring push ups
D2) Banded press x failure


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