Tuesday 28th March – WOD & Barbell

27th March 2017


Congratulations to Rhi, Mark, Alex, Rico, Luke & Liv for your amazing work at Glacier Games this weekend! All top ten & a 1st place!


To be done in open gym before the class:

100m run/row/ski
20 pull up kips
100m run/row/ski
10 burpee wall ball gtoh
100m run
20 Jefferson curls



In 15 mins:

Build to heaviest complex of:

Power clean
Jerk *any
Squat clean
Jerk *any

Additional Work






Snatch primer

A). Hang Snatch
5 x 3

B). Clean complex (Cln, HPC, Jerk)
Build to heavy.

C). Front Squat
7 x 2

Hang Snatch (same weight as last week)
Clean Complex & F squat (increase by 2.5kg/5%)

Accessory work; (break up how you wish)
35 x strict pull up
35 x Russian twists



Emom for 23 mins

Min 1 – 250m row/ski/200m run
Min 2 – 20 box jumps @ 24/20 RX+25
Min 3 – 12 Burpees RX+ 15 Burpees
Min 4 – Rest

*6 rounds
*Scale reps if needed


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