Tuesday 28th November – WOD, Barbell & Movement

27th November 2017

Tip Tuesday!

That Double Under ‘wip’ does not come from the arms, it is all in the wrist. A quick flick of wrist is all you need to get that rope round twist, anything more is not efficient and only end in fatigue.


2 rounds of:

10 KB Good Mornings @ 16/8
10 Alt Hamstring Stretch
10 KB Deadlifts
10 Sit Ups
10 KB Snatch/Swings
10 Inchworms


EMOM for 15 Mins Complete:

0-5 Mins 3 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5-10 Mins 3 Sumo Deadlifts
10-15 Mins Normal Deadlifts

*Increment weight each minute


For time complete:

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double Unders/ Single Unders
KB Good Mornings @ 20/12
Weighted ab mat sit ups @ 20/12

*18 min cap
*Scale weights to allow you to hit movements in sets of 15s minimum
*Double reps for Single Unders

Additional Work

20 Mins after class

3 Rounds for Quality:
15 GHD Sit ups with Med-ball
15 Glute-Ham raise (use band assist if needed)


Hang Snatch
6 x 3 Reps
Just below the knee
Clean and Jerk
(2 +1) x 6 reps
Push Press + Split Jerk (2+1)
Build to heavy across 6 Sets
Push Press should be a weight that tests you
Successory work
5 Rounds for Quality
OHS 40secs in bottom position (bar only)

10 Heavy Russian KB Swings


Coaches warm up (10 mins)


2 Minute practice then 3 x 5 minute MAX sets

Pull up to hold with chin over bar (10 mins)
Lowest scale ring row with hold at top
Scale on bar to jump from box
Kip up if necessary
Strict if possible

2 Minute practice then 3 x 5 minute MAX sets

Pull up hold w/ leg lift (10 mins)
Pull up as previous
Straight leg lift to 90 degrees / bent knee raise
Scale to hanging leg lift if needed

8 min AMRAP

5x Leg Lifts w/ chin over the bar (scale to hanging)
10x Pushups
15x Air Squats


Hamstring stretches 3 sets of 30s in group
Both legs at same time or separately

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