Tuesday 29th November 2016 – WOD & Barbell

28th November 2016


Zoe Shimmin not only CrossFits….



In pairs 10 min AMRAP of:

15 cal row/ski/ab
max push ups
15 cal row/ski/ab
max ab mat sit ups
15 cal row/ski/ab
max kb deadlift @ 32/24

*1 person rows other person completes movement then switch









Additional Work

45 mins before class:

For time: 5km row





In 40 mins complete as much as possible of :

1. Power Snatch
1.1 Find your daily max in power snatch.

2. Power Clean + Power Jerk
2.1 Find your daily max in power clean + power jerk.

In the remaining time get as far possible of.
3. Drop down to 60%. Do one power snatch and then one power clean + power jerk in the first round. In the second round you do two of each and in the third round three, etc.
*You have to complete all reps in one exercise before moving on to the next and all the reps have to be done as touch & go.

*In the power clean + power jerk you have to do a full lift and then lower the bar to the floor for it to count as a rep. You are not allowed to first do all the power clean and then the power jerks.

*If you get to a point where you are unable to do the whole set TnG you can begin to break it up but there is a ten bar-facing burpees over the bar penalty every time you do so.


E5MO5M for 25 mins

3 strict press
10 strict ttb
15 rings row

*Build to heaviest 3 strict press you can through the sets
*Don’t rush focus on keeping the movements strict

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