Tuesday 30th January – WOD, Barbell & FHT

29th January 2018


MOB Front Rack/OH

10 Min AMRAP of:
5 Narrow Overhead Squats with 3 sec pause in the bottom @ 20/15
10 Double Unders/ attempts/ High jump single
20 sec Front Squat hold @ 20/15
10 Ring Rows
10 Kips

Dumbbell Open 17.5

10 RFT
9 DB/KB Thrusters @2×22.5/15 KB= 2×24/16
35 Double Unders/ 35 Singles

*15 Min cap
*Scale to a weight that allows you to hit all 9 thrusters unbroken
*Scale to barbell if you really struggle with overhead mobility @ 42.5/30


Power Development Phase – Wk1

Warm – 8 Mins (4 mins general/4 mins snatch focus movements)

In 20 Mins build to a daily max for;
Power Snatch (triple)
Snatch Balance (double)
Snatch (single)
(all three lifts in the 20mins)

Jerk Balance + Split Jerk (1+1)

(See Hockley Barbell FB page for demo video – jerk balance starts on tip toes – aim for consistency of foot position on every rep)

Barbell WOD
Every 2 mins for 5 sets;
4 Front squats + 8 Back squats
(use racks, reset after FS and go immediately into BS)


A1) Incline DB Press x 12
A2) Incline Chest flies x 10 reps
A3) Tricep Push down x 12 reps

B1) Seated Db Shoulder Press x12 reps
B2) Seated Db Lat raise x 12 reps
B3) Rear delt fly x 12 reps

C1)Barbell Squats x10 reps
C2) Reverse lunges x30 reps
C3) Calf raises 15 reps

The Grind

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