Tuesday 6th December 2016 – WOD & Barbell

5th December 2016




Before the class, in open gym

5 min incremental ladder of:

1 wall ball deadlift +1
1 wall ball front squat +1
1 wall ball press +1

Mob shoulders
Partner lying arm lift/ rig chest stretch


In pairs E4mo4m for 20 mins complete the complex:

1 push press
2 push jerk
3 Split Jerk

*all movements must be complete before dropping the bar.
*Build to your heaviest complex through the sets



Additional Work

10 mins after class:

EMOM for 20 mins

even: 15/12 cal assault bike
odd: 15 pull ups

*Scale reps if needed to achieve 10-15 sec rest min




In 15 mins in pairs e3mo3m:

1 Split Jerk

*build to a heavy split jerk through the sets








1. Overhead Squat Complex.
Performed with an empty barbell; one set of five reps in the three different versions. These are: (1) down slow, up fast, without pause in the bottom position; (2) down slow, up fast but with a three second pause in the top- and bottom position; (3) 1,5’s. No pause in the bottom position but a pause in the top between reps.

2. Conventional Snatch Warm-Up
One set of three reps in A, B, C, D, E. Be sure to use a large plate, and not the small metal plates, to get the right distance from the floor. Three seconds pause in the starting position of all lifts and in the overhead position of the muscle snatches and the catch position in C, D and in the bottom position of the full snatch.
A. Snatch Pulls.
B. Muscle Snatch.
C. Power Snatch.
D. Deep Power Snatch.
E. Snatch.

In 40 mins complete as much as possible of:

3. Snatch Chipper
Men: 60/1, 70/2, 80/3, 90/4, 95/5, 100/6, 105/7, 110/8, 115/9, 120/10.
Women: 35/1, 40/2, 45/3, 50/4, 55/5, 60/6, 65/7, 70/8, 75/9, 80/10.
All the weights are in kg.
Scaling options: The weights are obviously very heavy and will be too heavy for most people so scaling down is perfectly sensible. Chose a weight for the last ten reps, which is challenging but that you can manage. You should aim for one lift every minute in the last round.
Team workout options: If you have a training partner at the same level as you consider doubling up on reps and doing the workout together like Jacqueline and Gabi:

Rules: If you take a step forward or back as you stand up then that lift is a no-rep. If you fail a lift you have to do ten bar-facing burpees over the bar as penalty before you can continue snatching. If you fail three times in a row you are out.

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