Tuesday 6th March – WOD, Barbell & FHT

5th March 2018


For Time:
1000m Row/Ski/Run
40 Double Unders C=50
20 Ring Dips C=25
REST 2 Min

500m Row/Ski/Run
50 Double unders C=60
25 Ring Dips C=30
REST 2 Min

250m Row/ski/run
60 Double unders C=70
30 Ring Dips C=35

*25 min cap


Warm up – 4min general + 4mins snatch movements

In 16 mins build to daily max of;
Hang Snatch (just below knee cap)

In 16mins build to a daily max of;
Hang Sqt Clean + FS + Split jerk

Pick a weight and complete a max set of reps of a barbell movement for 45 secs
Each minute change movement (do not repeat movement)

(e.g. min 1 max deadlifts, min 2 max hang cleans, min 3 max push press)


A1) Standing Bicep BB curls x8
A2) Standing Zotterman curls x10

B1) Skull crushers x10
B2) Inclose push up on knees x20

C1) Hammer curls x10
C2) Iso bicep walks x20m

D1) Banded push downs x15
D2)Overhead banded extentions xfailure


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