12th August 2019

CrossFit Nottingham – Gymnastics

1.: Warm-up (No Measure)

Arm Circles

2 Rounds of:

30s Tall Plank + 10 Scap Press Ups

30s Passive Hang + 10 Scap Pull Ups

30s Hollow Hold

30s Arch Hold

15 mins to coach and practice*:

Kip Swing

Extended Kip

Kipping Pull Up

*All will be performed with yoga blocks between feet.


In pairs, quality rounds, YGIG for 10 mins:

3 Scap Pulls

2 Kips

1 Ext Kip

2 Kips

3 Kipping Pull Ups

*Again, all done with object between feet. Focus is midline tension.


Accumulate 2 mins of table-top.

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