Tuesday 8th November 2016 – WOD & Barbell

7th November 2016


Armani Rose one of our dedicated members!



in 15 mins complete:

  • 2 lengths long lunge
  • 2 lengths high hip up and overs
  • 2 lengths butt kicks
  • 2 lengths high knees


  • 2 x standing crouched running start 70-80% think about explosive start
  • 2 x fully fully crouched running start at 80% building to 100% at the end of 50m
  • 1 x start from kneeling position to jump start at 100% effort
  • 1 x start from lying face forward on belly 100% effort
    *rest is walk back from line







Additional Work

15 mins after the wod:

complete in as few sets as possible

50 strict HSPU/kipping/ shoulder taps
50 Strict dips/box dips
50 push ups
200 double unders/singles





1. Bulgarian Total
1.1 Find your daily max in snatch singles.
1.2 Find your daily max in back squat singles.
1.3 Find your daily max in clean & jerk singles.
1.4 Find your daily max in front squat singles.
Multiply the four numbers and you have your total. Time cap: 60 minutes. That’s right, you have to get it done in an hour.



The Fast and the Furious…

3 rounds for time of:

20 burpees
400m run
20 pull ups

*15 mins



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