Wednesday 18th October – WOD

17th October 2017

Does this count?

Warm up game


EMOM for 12 Mins
20 Wall Ball Front Squats
20 Down and Ups
20 Push Ups
20 Wall Ball Toss and Catch
20 Kettlebell Swings @ 24/20
100m Run
*Split equally/break how you like
*Complete all reps in the minute


15 Min AMRAP of:
500m Row/Ski/400m Run
20 Wall Balls @ 20/14
40 Mountain Climbers
*Alt Row/Ski and run each round
*Pick a weight for the wall balls so you can go unbroken in the early rounds and 2 sets in the later rounds

Additional Work

30 Mins after Class For Time:
100m HS Walk
5 Mins Rest then for time:
100 Backward Lunges @ BW
*Goal is to finish HS Walk in under 5 minutes and lunges under 10 mins

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