Wednesday 22nd August 2012 – WOD

1st August 2012



With a time cap of 11 mins complete rounds of the following:

  • 1 Strict press (work to a heavy single
  • 10 GHDs
  • 10 Double unders
  • 5 KB Sumo deadlift HP @ 32 / 24kg


With a running clock to 24 mins work through the following:

  • Deadlift 4 / 2.5 tonnes
  • Run 400m

In the remaining time, AMRAP of:

  • 10 Double unders
  • 5 Kettle bells swings @ 48 / 24kg
The deadlift run part: The deadlift weight is your choice in order to reach your required tonnage, E.g As a top male i could choose 32 reps @ 120kg or 40 reps @ 100kg or 55 reps @ 90kg, i would suggest that if you are unable to meet any of those 3 options then you need to scale your tonnage down.
Scale your tonnage by 0.5 tonnes each time so for a male the next scale down would be 3.5 tonnes then 3 tonnes and so on. For the ladies same rules apply as a top female you would look for potential start points of 36 reps @ 70kg or 42 reps @ 60kg or 50 reps @ 50kg, again i would suggest that if you are able to meet these 3 options then you need to scale your tonnage down to the next level, that being 2 tonnes.
As soon as you have completed your tonnes lifted you run 400m

The AMRAP part: Simple, just AMRAP the couplet to the end time.

Notes: Make sure you hit the AMRAP with @ least 8-10 mins in the bank

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