Wednesday 22nd November – WOD

21st November 2017

Coaches warm up game


2 Rounds of Tabata of:
Plate fast feet
Lateral Plate jumps on/off
Plate Squats
Lateral Plate Jumps Over
Plate Jump Burpees
Plate Thrusters
Plate Steering Wheels
Plate OH Lunge
*Alt 20 secs with partner
*Both complete movement before moving on
*Using a light plate


5 Rounds for Time of:
1 Min OH Plate Hold @ 10/5 C=20/10
12 Plate OH Reverse Lunge @ 10/5 C=20/10
15 Plate Squats
18 Plate Lateral Jump Overs
*18 Min Cap
*Scale to a weight that allows you to go unbroken on the reps and the holds

Additional Work

60 Mins before class
For Time:
100 Wallballs @ 20/14 C=30/20
*Goal is to finish under 6 minutes with the best going just over 4 minutes.

5×5 Deficit Deadlifts
*Use the heaviest weight possible on each set. These are to be performed with a 4” deficit. Stand on a jerk block or bumper plate to create the deficit.

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