Wednesday 29th November – WOD

28th November 2017

“Tell me and I might remember, show me and I may forget, but invole me and I’ll understand.” — Unknown

Wisdom Wednesday

Coaches warm up game


In Pairs Complete:

50 Wall Ball Front Squats
* Every 30sec stop to perform 5 pushups.
50 Wall Ball Deadlifts
* Every 30sec stop to perform 5 jumping jacks.
50 Wall Ball Squat Cleans
* Every 30sec stop to perform 3 star jumps
50 Wall Ball Sit Ups
* Every 30sec stop to perform 6 MB Russian twists

*14 min cap
*Break how you like with partner as long as its equal


Fitness Testing #9

EMOM for 12 Mins
3 Front Squats @ 90/55 C=100/70
in the remaining time AMRAP
Ring Dips/ 20″ Box Push Ups  C=Muscle ups

*Score = MAX reps across the 12 mins
*Scale weight that allows you to hit the front squats unbroken in around 30 seconds

Additional Work

30 Mins before Class

Front Squat
*Build up and use heaviest weight possible each set

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