Wednesday 6th December – WOD

5th December 2017

How about some Wednesday Wisdom from our own Matt Stafford?

Coaches warm up game


Plate Jump Roxanne
*Plate jump while Roxanne is playing every time “Roxanne” is said do 1 burpee plate jump

In Pairs
2 Rounds of Tabata
Kettlebell Swings
Ab Mat Sit ups
Down and ups
Barbell Thruster


7 Rounds for Time of:
10 Push Press @ 70/45
10 TTB
1 Min Rest
*Goal is to finish each round under 2 minutes, with total time including rest under 20 minutes.
Additional Work

800m Run
Then 5 Rounds of:
35 Double unders/ single unders
3x 5-10-15 Shuttle Runs
800m Run

3 Rounds for Time of:
200m Odd Object Carry
* Goal is to finish under 16 minutes. Challenge yourself to get each round done in a few sets as possible, if not unbroken.

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